We take care of installation, customs clearance, insurance, rental or sale of packaging materials, boxes and crates of all kinds.


We stock items for museums, galleries and private individuals.


We have all kinds of advanced packaging and technology.

Art Transport

We offer a full service transportation of works of art, valuable and historic exhibits in Europe and overseas.

Packaging materials

Přeprava uměleckých předmětůArt-Union uses high-quality packaging, which cannot cause damage to the exhibits chemically or physically. Whether you want to send a picture or a statue or other object of value, we use for each subject the most suitable material, which ensures safe transportation to the destination.

We are happy to offer you custom-made packages. Increased safety at the highest level is guaranteed, the prevailing climatic conditions can be kept evenly all the way.

Crates type standard
are made or adapted specially for each individual exhibit. Thus a safe transport, handling or storage are guaranteed.

Crates type climate
are distinguished by the fact that they can hold the necessary climatic conditions on a longer itinerary.

Crates type object
are suitable for all types of exhibits that are not particularly sensitive towards special climatic conditions. The interior is customized as the crates type climate.

Transport Framework
is used for less demanding transport, or on the contrary to double the safety of shipping boxes used.

Other Packaging Materials
Films, Tyvek, glassine paper, tissue paper, laminating film, bubble wrap, foam, Neopolen, Japanese silk, adhesive film for glass, etc.

Use our free service and contact with our technician. He advises on all matters relating to the right transport packaging.