We take care of installation, customs clearance, insurance, rental or sale of packaging materials, boxes and crates of all kinds.


We stock items for museums, galleries and private individuals.


We have all kinds of advanced packaging and technology.

Art Transport

We offer a full service transportation of works of art, valuable and historic exhibits in Europe and overseas.

Preparation and Packing

The planning and preparation of transportation of your art objects are an important aspect in the entire project. Several factors are crucial to ensure that your property can be transferred with the utmost care. It´s a question of

- the type of the object to be transported
- the choice of the wrapper for the safe protection of the item
- the duration of the transport
- the climatic conditions under which the item is transported
- the optimal choice of transport


Our vehicles are specially equipped for the transport of works of art and historical objects. They include, inter alia,

- air suspension
- air conditioning
- alarm system
- hydraulic lift
- Immobilizer
- special fixtures and columns

Two drivers take turns to cover a wider range of activity and get mental and physical relief.